It just occurred to me that maybe I should clarify a statement I wrote last week. I said an animal lives with me. I hope everyone knew I meant Caddee.
Speaking of said animal, I have been told not to let Caddee outside if there is a possum in the neighborhood. Well, you know possums. Sometimes they play possum and sometimes they play like they are fuzzy cats. (at least the ones around my house)
I let Caddee out. She made a 100 mile an hour dog run and bowled over that possum before I could yell “STOP.” The possum rolled to his/or her feet, shook off the dirt and waddled to safety under the car. Caddee looked over her left shoulder with a haughty “HA!” look. Then she came inside.
I went out to the golf course pro shop Monday, to visit with Drex Salazar and take a look at the improvements to the facility. I have golfed, but I do not play golf. The place is really nice and now has the name Mulligans Pro Shop.
Drex and I talked about how many fun things there are to do El Dorado Springs. Of course there’s the golf course, but there is also the swimming pool, the civic center with its gym, game room, walking track and weight room. You can walk outside safely almost anywhere. There are three parks for children to play in. There is the movie theater and the museum, the Picnic in the summer, school sports, the Fall Festival and Chili Cook-off, Halloween, Christmas Parade, municipal airport, fishing pond, shooting range and drive-in theater. Looking at this list, I know I’ve left something out, but right now I can’t think what it would be. Please don’t hesitate to remind me.
We have an article on Page 2 from the BBB on donating to Ukraine relief efforts. I’m sure that many people would like to do something, but I think the best we can do from this distance is to donate some time on our knees praying for those people.
Two years of Covid and now a war 6,000 miles way. Has life always been this messy? Did I just now realize that?
We are truly blessed to live here. Let’s not forget that. KSL