The Mulligans Pro Shop at the El Dorado Springs Gene Pray Memorial Golf Course officially opened its doors on Tuesday, March 1. Before that time plenty of local golfers had been by to check on the progress of the pro shop.
The golf course started well over 40 years ago. An aerial picture of the ground the course is on can be seen in the “Hall of Fame” along with photos of local folks building the sand greens.
The course has been known for years as a well-manicured course that attracts locals and out of town people to play because of the condition it is in. Salazar said that the people come from as far way as 60 miles to play in El Dorado Springs.
The money for the pro shop renovation came from fundraiser golf tournaments over the past two years.
Another improvement to come is the pond/ fountain that will be at hole #2. Salazar said that the city is helping with the fountain that will be a memorial to golf course regular Danny Hays. Salazar said he started collecting money at Hays’ wake to help fund the project.
The work on the driving range which is located off hole 5 is progressing. Salazar said eventually 10 – 15 people could use the driving range at one time.
Salazar was very complimentary of former manager Dick Gardner, wishing him a happy retirement. “He made the transition easy.”
He also wanted to thank the community for their support during his years at Dash Floor Covering. He said the commitment of the community to shop locally helped during the slow times.
The golf course opens on March 1 and closes Nov. 1. A membership is $350 a year and the weekday rate is $10 and $18 for a cart.
Salazar said that the pro shop will provide lunch, ice for players’ coolers, golf carts and accessories.
When asked what Gardner would do in his retirement, Salazar offered up one word, “golf.”