Kimball has several pots of beautiful blooming flowers on the picnic table on our south deck. One or more hummingbirds visit the flowers several times a day, usually one at a time.
Does anybody still have hummingbirds?
Kimball looked on the internet. It said they arrive in April and May and start leaving in mid-August.
Do you know anything about the migration of hummingbirds? This is the first year I have paid any attention.
Wonder if it’s a sign of an early frost. I mean they have to have flowers to feed on as they fly south for the winter.
I’ve read speculation that they don’t survive the winter, but I also read that it looks like the same birds show up where the feeders were hanging the previous summer looking for the free handout. Nobody thinks the tiny birds have any way of telling their off spring where the feeders were located.
Now I’ll pay more attention. I’ll also call Conservation when they are open. That’s one problem of putting the newspaper together on a holiday when nobody else is open. But the Post Office rules say we must publish every week to keep our mailing permit.
I haven’t heard one firecracker today but I expect I will tonight. Nobody could put on a fireworks show like Wilbur Charbonneau. Cars would line up for a mile or more for people to enjoy the free show.
The first issue we published was on the 5th of July in 1979.
Once Wilbur and Margaret were in his pickup coming out of the alley south of our old office. She was sitting in the middle of the seat, close to Wilbur. I walked up beside Wilbur’s open window and said something in a low voice. When Wilbur asked me to repeat what I had just said, I did at full volume: “If you would turn up your hearing aid, she wouldn’t have to sit so close.” Margaret may have chuckled. KL