We got a response to my hummingbird question.
James W. Rosbrugh sent an email to Kimball: “Yes, we have several hummingbirds feeding daily at our feeders just a few miles NE of Taberville in St. Clair County.”
I think maybe it is the kind of flowers. She has purslain in her four pots on the picnic table. The blooms don’t open until late in the morning and close in early afternoon. It sounds like Mr. Rosbrugh has hummingbird feeders that stay open 24 hours. Those little birds use their tiny brains to locate the best and most reliable food source. I guess if we want to see hummingbirds longer, we need to hang and stock a feeder.
We have daylilies blooming that I can’t see from the house. They may have regular visitors. Hope they do. May put up a hummingbird feeder just so we can watch them. I think we’ll hang it outside the east living room window. No way for the cats to get close to it.
Kimball vetoed the hummingbird feeder. Said she doesn’t need another chore. She’s got three chores letting the two cats and Davis’ dog in and out.
Do you happen to watch Larry’s Country Diner on TV? Their guitar player, the Sheriff, Jimmy Capps, died at 80 something the other day. I was watching when an old timer said she had heard a young guitar player there in Nashville she thought they should take a look at, I think he was on the next week and almost every week since. Ben Hall just absolutely “owns” his acoustic (but amplified) guitar. I’ve never heard him make a mistake. He’s all over the neck of that guitar with chords I’ve never seen before. He occasionally sings (something the Sheriff did not do). The Sheriff’s widow, Michelle, attends the show most weeks and sometimes sings with one of the performers.
The have their own version of Minnie Pearl named Nadine. Kimball loves to listen to her. She always has something for the church sign. The other night she said, “Normal ain’t coming back. Jesus is.” She said, “If you want to sleep like a baby, take a laxative and a sleeping pill before you go to bed.”
Larry Black, the host, told about an older couple having a serious conversation: she asked, If I die, will you remarry?
He said, “We’ve had a happy marriage. I probably wouldn’t want to be alone.”
She asked “Would you let her drive my car?
He said. “It’s been a good car. I don’t see any reason to sell it.”
She asked, “Would you let her use my golf clubs?”
“No,” he said, “She’s left handed.” KL