I sent last week’s Rock Wall to Pat Crew, wife of Allen Crew, the best man in out wedding. We wound up trading photos of grand children. We have never met their two children, Amy Elaine Crew (same initials as her daddy, Allen Evan Crew) and Ryan Crew. Pat a retired school, quit her job at a florist shop to take care of Ryan’s twin five year old boy and girl.
It looks like Amy’s boy and girl are a few years older. Pat said they live in North Carolina but talk by Messenger every day.
I wouldn’t have recognized Pat. I haven’t seen her since Halloween 1975. But the real shocker was Allen. I told you last week about our Toledo Bend fishing trip probably 40 years. He’s had some health issues, including a stroke. Neither Kimball nor I could have picked him out of a line-up. Pat said he loved my write- up.
And he’s the one who taught me to bass fish. But Pat said he’s still walking without cane or walker.
Dr. Wyant has my blood sugar under control so well I’m starting to anticipate him and his buddies (neurosurgeons) operating on my neck and spinal column to reroute the excess water into my body cavity. If all goes as planned I should then be able to walk they tell me.
I didn’t get a football report today, I watched it on Kimball’s cell phone until the half. The Bulldog score was 0 and Mountain Grove had 28 or 35. The final score was 49-6, Davis tells me. I left a message for the Athletic Director, Nick Engleman, that I would like to have a report of any game emailed to me or to Kimball regardless of the outcome. My email address is kwlong@cnturylink.net, Hers is sunpub@centurylink.net.
Meanwhile, I hope that Davis can figure out how to get the games or plays on a bigger scene.
I’ve got to get to walking. Right after Davis and Erica got married she told me she wants me to teach their son, Ben, now 13, to fish. I know places where he can catch a bass on every cast with the right lure. There’s a pond where Davis and I stayed on opposite sides and each caught 50 bass. They were small and we released them all. But, boy, did they pull.