A magazine has been lying on Ma’s (Kimball’s grandmother’s) coffee table for weeks telling the world, “King Tut’s family secrets.” I was up about 2 a,m. Monday and decided a little heavy reading would put me back to sleep. You know who King Tut was – the Egyptian boy King who died at 19 a couple thousand years ago. According to custom, the king was embalmed and buried with a treasure trove in a secret spot to avoid the grave robbers (Wonder how thy did that. Did they kill the workers?) About 100 years ago somebody found it.

Kimball and I went to New Orleans to see the exhibit. In the magazine article, some archaeologist had found a box with the remains of an older woman and a younger woman. Archaeologists aren’t certain if it was King Tut’s mother and grandmother.

The article said King Tut had decided he was a god.

I read in the Bible where the king of Egypt came up against my God and lost big time. Nobody robbed Christ’s grave. He wasn’t there long enough.

You don’t have to find a hidden grave, but you do have to seek the Lord until he accepts you. I don’t read anywhere in the Bible where He instructs us to accept Him. When John the Baptist started preaching he said, “Repent ye for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” When Christ began his ministry, he said, “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is a hand.”

How to you repent? I read in the Bible that the Lord is pleased with a broken heart and a contrite spirit.

As a young man Dad asked his mother in the kitchen how he would know when it was time to seek the Lord. Her answer was the same as it is today, “You’ll know.”

Did the cooler weather suit you Monday morning? Guess what’s coming. KL