The Wayside Inn Museum’s Chili Cookoff is this Saturday, Oct. 15. Oct 15 is the traditional day for peak fall color. And I just noticed the beautiful tree on West Broadway. It is “engulfed” with beautiful orange leaves.

The Chili Cook-off is a wonderful tradition. There are a lot of people outside milling around, eating chili and visiting. It is kind of a cool (cool as in not hot) version of the Picnic.

The fire at the Martin house was heartbreaking. I believe the owner felt the same way.

Friday is the Cedar County Bowl.  The Cedar County Bowl started in 2003 and the game has been every year except 2021 when scheduling prevented the game from being held. Out of the 18 times the teams have met, the Bulldogs have won 12 times. This year, the game will be held in Stockton.

I reread JT Jackson’s obituary. Someone who knew a lot about the Western Auto store wrote it. I didn’t know the store handled all those items.

They didn’t include JT’s fishing activities. He didn’t say the kind of fish. I’d guess catfish but he told me a pickup went by where JT was parked with the game warden in hot pursuit. JT said he had the fish in his pickup. KL