I’m usually the last to know here at the office. Kimball told me last week, “Snider is supposed to have surgery today. I told you he swallowed a quarter.”

“No, you didn’t. I wouldn’t forget something like that.”

Snider is Adrian and Cain’s three year old. He and his brother, Van, age 5,were playing with their piggy bank and broke it. Must have been Snider because Kimball said Van ratted him out. Isn’t that what siblings do?

Snider told them it was a quarter he swallowed, They took him to the hospital. An X-ray showed there was a coin in his stomach, The doctor said to bring him back Friday and they’d decide what to do.

Well, Friday the coin was in his small intestine. Over the weekend, Snider made change and gave hem back the penny he had swallowed. He can be glad it wasn’t a silver dollar. We all can be.

There’s an opportunity for several lessons if Snider cares to learn from his experience. 1. The piggy bank is not a toy. 2. Don’t put change in your mouth. 3. A penny is a lot smaller than a quarter.

It might be that Snider went into a pay bathroom and got the wrong idea. You put a quarter in the slot and turn the handle. You don’t swallow the correct amount of change.

When we were building our house, I was very careful to look at something before I answered a question about a cut on a piece of wood or shingle. I found out Friday that still applies here in the office. Kimball walked by my office in the hallway and asked, “How do I look?”

I didn’t see her for more than a second. My vision isn’t what it used to be, but I could tell she had on work clothes and was walking upright. I replied, “Fine.”  Bad idea, when she came back from the bathroom hopping mad. She said, “Couldn’t you see that my nose had been bloody, my glasses were on crooked and my face was skinned up?”

Well, no I didn’t see all that as you went by.

Seems she went out the front door of the office to walk Davis’ dog, turned the corner, tripped and dove face first into the north sidewalk.

I know better than to answer any (Does this make my butt look big questions.) I just added one more to the prohibit list.

She had mostly recovered but didn’t feel the best on Monday. When she picked me up about 2 p.m. she ate a piece of her fresh blueberry pie. I had a piece earlier so I knew it was delicious.

I’m a little older and a little wiser…maybe. KL