Did you know we sometimes have a genius walking among us? That’s what Ray Stevens said on the episode of Larry’s Country Diner I watched when I couldn’t sleep Saturday night. Ray said for his first number he would do one sent to him by Nick Sibley from Springfield, “Where have all the 12-years-olds gone that used to mow our lawns?”

Ray talked a while then said he was going to do another one “by that genius from Springfield, Nick Sibley,” “Cup Holder.” Ray said he hadn’t finished putting the strings to it yet to put it on a record he is going to cut.

I don’t know if his mom, Peggy Sibley, got a heads up on what Ray was going to say. I know his grandparents, Luther and Laura Belle Thatch, would have been thrilled to hear that.

I looked for the number on the episode but I couldn’t find it. Kimball is better at running the TV than I am. I guess I could have looked at the recording date.

She was in bed when Patrick Mahomes used his legs to score the two point conversion on Tennessee. Until then I thought Tennessee was going to win.

Davis didn’t learn from my mistake – if you call it that. I married a wonderful cook. I say I was a 143 lb. weakling when we got married.

Over the weekend I ate one of Erica’s blueberry pies. It was so good.

Today I tried a pumpkin. Out of this world. Better than the blueberry. Davis better watch his waistline.

I have a fasting blood draw Tuesday so I’m done. Only coffee and water after midnight, and I don’t drinks or eat anything that contains caffeine.

Nadine, the home style wit on Larry’s County Diner, always end with something for the church sign. This time it was, “If God can put a light in bug’s butt, He could do wonder for you.” KL