Here I sit on my birthday waiting for Kimball who is covering a hospital board meeting.

I think it was a wise decision the school board made to let school staff carry guns if they want to. It adds an uncertainty factor for would-be school shooters. Hardly ever, if ever, do I hear about a shooting at a police station or a gun shop. Our co-workers can carry guns if the want to.

Had a brief party with Dr. Wyant this p.m. Last time I had a birthday, he had me in the hospital with Covid, I think, or I had myself in the hospital. He told me then I am the only person he knows who shares his Dec. 14 birthday. So, this year Kimball made my favorite, a pineapple-up-side-down cake and his staff arranged a time when we could share it with him. With him being the chief of staff, he was called over to the hospital and ran a few minutes late, but when he arrived, he was his usual jovial self.

Then Kimball and I went out to eat and by the time we got to the office, I needed a nap. I woke to hearing a baby fussing. I knew it was Nash, but he couldn’t get out of his baby carrier to come see me. Davis was here and pronounced my birthday cake A OK.

Pretty soon Erica and Reese showed up. They had been cooking sweet stuff and didn’t want any cake, but they wished me happy birthday.

Reese knows she is three and figured I was older. Maybe seven.

As they were leaving, my cell phone was ringing. Adrian had attended a meeting in Dallas and was just starting home in intermittent rain. Van and Snider had a day at home because of the threat of tornadoes, but there were none. Kind of like a snow day here with no snow.

Ran into Linda Prough at lunch and she knew exactly which birthday it was for me. Seems she was a freshman when I was a senior. One day sooner and she would have likely been wrong because I was the youngest of the Class of 1964. With today’s rules, I would have been in the Class of 1965. Lewis Ray Eslinger, with a Nov. 14 birthday is exactly one month older than me. I can’t tell you how many Sunday afternoons the neighborhood kids played softball in his parent’s front yard. I think about that when I drive by and see all the trees and bushes.

Virginia was several years younger and didn’t attempt to join in the games. But Sharon and Barbara were right in the middle of the action. Lewis Ray would hit any pitch that even got close to the plate even ones that bounced across. Don’t remember how I got there if I walked or rode my bicycle. Don’t think I rode my horse.

Kimball went to town Sunday night to take photos of the Christmas light winners. The Chamber secretary knew the selection committee had made their picks but didn’t have the list.

Well, Monday they gave Kimball the list and had taken photos of the winners. Before digital cameras, we had to shoot the photos. How thoughtful and convenient. Really helps on deadline day. That’s why Kimball wanted to do it last night.

I have a appointment Jan. 3 with a doctor who might be able to cure my lack of balance. I’ve had several appointments with him, but he has always cancelled or his staff called and wanted me in Springfield in 45 minutes.

Our hospital CEO, Terry Nichols, said if I have any more trouble like that, he will send me to Kansas City. Shouldn’t take you very long to figure out why I’m a fan of his and the CCMH staff really likes him. KL