It must have been the cake. I was in Stockton on Tuesday, Dec. 27,  for the retirement parties for Presiding Commissioner Marlon Collins and Judge Pyle. In all of the festivities I missed the fact that all the newly elected folks would be sworn in at different times. It used to be that everybody showed up at the same time, raised their hand and it was done. When I called to find out when that event might be, or maybe had already been, I was informed that it was all over with. So now I’ll collect photographs of the numerous events and publish them next week.  If you were paying attention, you know who won.

Several weeks ago, I was talking to a distant cousin about some property in Louisiana that we share with about a gazillion other relatives. All of us share a relationship to the Hon J.A. Snider. My cousin called me back just a few minutes after our discussion and said his mother just showed him an article in the Bossier Press-

Tribune about how my Great Grandfather J.A. Snider worked to abolish the Louisiana Lottery. He believed it to be immoral. Strangely, (I think it was strange) that the Louisiana Lottery began about the time of the Civil War. The winning numbers were written on large cards and paraded around on a stage by young women dressed in the fashion of the time – dressed to the nines in hoop skirts.

A giant boom of thunder a little while ago reminded me of how quite the week between Christmas and New Year’s has been.

I read today that as far new year’s resolutions go, Jan 19 is considered the day that most people give up. It is also National Popcorn Day.                     KSL