I bought a bunch of bulbs last fall and when they arrived I didn’t have time to plant them, so I stuck them in my refrigerator and didn’t get them out until last week. Each bulb has its own pot which is labeled with what it is (allium) and its fancy name (Persian blue). They are all in trays and I put them out on the deck when its sunny. Some of the allium are several inches tall – something I hadn’t expected so soon. I hope they are comfortable because it will be several more weeks before I can give them a permanent home. It is supposed to be really cold on Thursday.
I like to read the “Old Farmers Almanac.” So far it has been pretty accurate. Not so much last year.
I saw Chris Vickers at the chamber meeting at Camp Galilee on Thursday. He said I might want to remind people not to wait too late to mail in their taxes in 2023. He said he put his in the mailbox on Dec. 28 and it wasn’t postmarked nor did it arrive at the court house until after the first of the year. I do believe he told me that he got it straightened out.
Davis just told me that the boys basketball team ranking for Division 3 is 15 and statewide is 136. The girls are ranked 36 in the entire state and 4 in Division 3.
Last week, the El Dorado Springs School board voted to keep a five day school week for the 2023 – 24 school year. There are several districts around us that have gone to a four day week. I hope to do a more comprehensive story for next week as well as finish my history of the Virginia Ryan Strain Pool.
FFA Week is Feb 18 – 25. It almost snuck up on me. KSL