Kimball is working so hard at having a green thumb that she may have a red thumb with blisters on it. She’s got about 40 small pots on four trays with seeds or starts in them that she on puts on the picnic table on the deck on “nice” days then brings in to the kitchen table at night. Each pot has a brief note on the side telling what is planted in it.

The two cats love the opportunity to escape outdoors day or night while she has the living room patio door open. The black kitten, Diane, who is now about two years old and heavier than Jack would gladly stay outside all night, except when it’s raining or misting.  Kimball sends Davis’ dog out to find her and she always does.

Kimball had Davis  pick out a black female kitten from Bobby Fleener’s bunch. When Davis brought the kitten home, she was so little she couldn’t walk. Kimball got the kitten so Jack wouldn’t be lonesome. Jack was afraid of the kitten when she was tiny.  So Caddee adopted the kitten and would carry her around at home or the office and put her where she wanted her. They are still friends.

We got a black female for two reasons. So she wouldn’t leave white hair on the furniture. And because neutered males seem to have urinary tract problems pretty early in life. Un-nutered males are a problem all their life.

Back to Kimball’s flowers. I told her about three weeks ago one of them was going to bloom. She brushed me off with, “I don ‘t think so.” It had formed a seed pod that had streaks of red.

Monday night Kimball told me, “That tulip is going to bloom.” And it did. I reminded her, “I told you.” She accused me of being a farm boy and knowing things like that. Guilty.

One Sunday as we were eating our noon meal about 3 p.m., as usual, we heard a heavy thump in the kitchen. Kimball said, “Cats.” Jack and Diane do their rough and tumble all over the house. They had knocked a some 10 lb. pot in the floor apparently killing a yellow rose Kimball had for about five years. She trimmed it back to see if it will restart.

They are predicting snow but nothing like the seven feet parts of California got. We’ll see. It’s Spring. Enough of this winter stuff. KL

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