I didn’t want to work on Sunday so here I set at the keyboard at 2:65 a.m. Monday. I was waiting for something significant to talk to you about. I got it Sunday morning. For about the last 12 years I have watched “The Old Fashion Gospel Hour,” a 30 minute program put on Channel 27 by Missionary Baptist Churches in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and Springfield, record it at 7 a.m. Sunday and I watch it about 8 a.m. while I eat breakfast. It was program 2192.
The choir usually signs an old fashion gospel song then the pastor takes his text from the King James version of the Bible. He never has notes and never asks for money. What was unusual this Sunday was the choir seats were all full and everybody was singing in the spirit. The song leader really worked at his job and had a fine singing voice. The piano player was excellent and didn’t try to get fancy.
Elder Dean Sircy, pastor of Rocky Mount Missionary Baptist Church in Macon County, TN, took the stand and really got in the spirit preaching about Jesus as the perfect Shepherd.
Then the choir, pianist and song leader did an excellent job on four or five old fashion church songs. Normally they just sing one.
It’s a good way to start your Sunday. I’ve never heard anything that wasn’t the truth. A lost person might even get saved if they follow the instructions they will hear and follow their feelings. After all, this is all done on a feeling from the Lord. KL