I asked Davis if he had anything for the Rock Wall. He had been reading the first one I wrote that’s in a framed plate of the first page one on the wall. He said I told readers we needed help covering the news so please call, text or email us if they learned something news worthy. Same for today. Well, didn’t have text or email in 1979, but you get the message.

Today is the day before Easter. I don’t know where someone came up the Easter Bunny to celebrate the resurrection of Christ but it is a multimillion dollar industry. He came forth victorious over death, hell and the grave and therein is our hope for eternity for those who seek Him for their soul’s salvation until they know they have been saved. As my grandma told Dad when he was a teenager, “You’ll know.”

They’ve almost done the same to Christmas reducing it to Xmas. I refuse to leave Christ out of Christmas.



  There’s was lots of egg hunting going on this past week. Grandchildren Nash and Reese took their chances in the Park. This was Nash’s first time and it took him a little while to learn to pick up the candy and put it in his basket. Reese is a pro at four. She knew eggactly what to do. Maybe next year Van and Snider can join us.

  I got a book today from Dr. Joe Dillsaver who lives in Tulsa, OK. He spent the early part of his life in Caplinger Mills. His parents graduated from Caplinger Mills High School in 1920. His older brothers went to school there and his great uncle, Don Phipps, and his wife, Maude, ran the store in Caplinger. His relatives include the Phipps, the Dillsavers, the Guinns, the Normans, the Ibachs and the Marcums. Joe is Dr. Joe Dillsaver is a Professor Emeritus from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma.

  The book is  titled “Cedar County” and it is a novel about friendship during the Civil War.

  I plan to read it. Give me a call if you want to know where to get this book or one of the other novels Joe Dillsaver has written: ‘The Ghost,” “Those Bones Shall Rise,” “The Old Man Chronicles” and the ‘Old King is Dead.”