After trying to ignore my big gray cat, Jack, Monday morning, (the usual routine of staring, purring like a diesel truck and trying to claw the covers off of me) I finally got up and went to the north door followed by two cats (Jack and Diane) and a dog (Caddee.) I pulled back the drapes to open the door for their morning “out.” I stopped and looked out in amazement. A huge branch from the tree across the road had fallen in the driveway. I couldn’t tell from the doorway exactly what part of the tree it came from. The tree is actually four trees grown together. It is one of my favorite trees along with the Hickory in the southeast yard.

The animals didn’t seem to think there was anything unusual. I can’t believe I slept through that.

Unless the Magic Tree Removal Fairy came and swept it away, it will be there when I get home.

I understand that the movie at the theater “Sound of Freedom” is very good. It will play through next weekend.

It is only a few weeks until school starts and four out of six grandchildren will spend their days in an educational facility of some sort. My, times flies.

Monday was the last day for Pappy’s. I tried to get Stan to promise that he wouldn’t leave the building empty, but try to get someone in there. I kind of think he did. I also kind of think he did because I was hounding him. Anyway, Sunday was their last buffet with all you can eat shrimp. Sorry if you missed it.

By-the-way, Davis has three Nigerian Dwarf goats to sell – a daddy, a momma and a baby. The baby isn’t really a baby anymore. His name is Tina. Granddaughter Reese named him. KSL

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