I had to find a new doctor at Cedar County memorial Hospital because Dr. Wyant moved on. Good news, I had my first appointment last week with Dr. Russell Kemm and Kimball and I really like him. Even some of the CCMH staff already traveled to Nevada to his office there. Now they don’t have to travel.
During my appointment, Dr. Kemm mentioned our front page article about the liason between CCMH and Moore Few nursing home and said that is a great deal for the hospital. I called the hospital CEO, Terry Nichols, to get more info.
Mr. Nichols confirmed Dr. Kemm’s assessment and supplied more details. One thing he said was that since he has come to CCMH, the hospital has expanded its coverage area to 14 counties.
Moore Few will send their patients for services and will provide their own transportation on a handicapped accessible van. That’s just the routine visits. Moore Few will provide a few more as needed.
Mr. Nichols said Nevada Regional told Moore Few its doctors would no longer provide the service every nursing home must have. Someone knew Dr. Kemm made a phone call, he called Terry Nichols and with only days to spare, Moore Few has medical coverage and CCMH has a sweetheart deal.