El Dorado Springs is about to get a major retailer.
According to El Dorado Springs City Manager Bruce Rogers, Texas NH Management purchased the former Woods grocery building and the former Shopco building from Harold and Robin Fugate and is in the process of doing a $1.84 million remodel to get the property ready to lease to Tractor Supply Company which targets the hobby farmer.
Texas NH Management also purchased the Orscheln business in Nevada and will operate it as Tractor Supply Company, Rogers said.
There is no word yet on a completion date or how many people Tractor Supply will employ.
When I hear the thunder rumble almost every night, I say, “Thank you Lord.” In a few minutes I hear the rain. Sunday night, there was thunder and lightning before we went to bed and by 10;30 we had a pretty good downpour going.
My grandpa, Charlie Long, ran a blacksmith shop. He said farmers do better in a wet year. He also said people who work on Sunday have more breakdowns than on any other day.
If Grandpa had a horse that was hard to shoe, he’d pour some water on the ground to make a mud puddle, have the horse step in it to leave a track, make a shoe to fit the track, then throw the horse and install the shoe. He could draw a chalk line on top of the horse’s hoof and have every nail come out on the line.
He left Virgil City where he had a shop intending to make a living on the farm he bought south of the 8-mile corner, but with dry years, he had to reopen the blacksmith shop. Dad and Uncle Cleo did the farming. Nobody missed any meals.
I saw on TV that a 15-year-old boy, I think, caught a 108 lb catfish on rod and reel during a tournament. Alas, he broke some rule and was disqualified. But he has a story to tell his grandkids someday. KL