Here I am facing something scary for a writer – a blank page.
Last week I asked Kimball if I should tell you about the tree on the house and she said, “ No.” Then she forgot she said that, added to my Rock Wall and told you what she knew about it. She wasn’t home when it happened. Just me and the cats.
I watched the noon news that day on KY3. I don’t remember any storm alerts for Cadar County. I went to sleep in my chair. When I awakened about 4 p.m., there was a weird yellowish fog on the south deck that I could see from my easy chair. I retreated to the southwest bedroom. Soon the wind started blowing.
The wind kept getting louder and louder. I have never in my life heard wind blow that hard. I was actually concerned about the roof blowing off. Dad and I nailed down the rafters so I knew it was well fastened. When the wind let up, it rained awhile. One cat hid under the bed. The younger cat was on the bed, off the bed, checking out the storm, back on the bed.
After awhile I went and looked out the north patio door and saw that one of the pod of four wateroak trees that had been there all my life had fallen on the roof. Honestly, I went to other windows to see if other trees were down and was surprised there weren’t any.
I called Kimball and she said it didn’t storm in town.
We found a guy to cut up the tree. A guy is supposed to repair the roof and gutter this afternoon before the rain gets here. He’s made several appiointments. Hope he keeps this one.
I feel for those people in Hawaii ad Florida who suffered all that devastation. At least we still have a place to sleep. KL

My rock wall
When I came to work on Labor Day, I was a little late. So, when Caddee and I walked through the front door, there went up a big cheer from my ElDo grandkids who had accompanied their Mom to work. How flattering. They were so excited to see me. Then I realized it wasn’t for me, but for Caddee, the office dog, who has lived with me for five years and Monday – Friday dutifully comes to work. I know some people don’t care for dogs (I used to be one of them) but I’ve never met anyone who comes into the office with Caddee right inside the door, that didn’t have nice things to say about her.
Well, I reported last week that a tree fell on my house – and several time since then I have mentioned that a house fell on my tree. I was at the vets to get pet food when I asked for cat food for my dog. I stopped myself and confessed that that wasn’t right, so I then asked for dog food for my cat. I walked away with cat food for my cats.
Late last week, a gentleman called and wanted to make sure that his father’s obituary was going to be in the paper. We didn’t have it, so I took the information and told him I would let him know whether or not it was going to be in the issue of Aug. 31. I forgot to call him back. So, the next day I received a call and just glancing at the name and number, I answered and said, “I really meant to call you back, but your father’s obituary is in this week’s paper.” The man on the other end of the call said “What?” Then I looked at the name and realized that it wasn’t the man who had initially called me. I apologized and found out the caller had been told that I might need some help with a tree on my house. I said that was taken care of and thinking that he heard what said I about his father’s obit being in the paper, I facetiously said “and I’m sorry about your father.” To which he replied, “What’s wrong with my father?”
My apologies to everyone. Cats and dogs included.
It is Monday and so far, so good. I wanted some fried okra but didn’t get any and I’ve tried to suppress my desire for ice cream, but the night is young.
P.S. I was negotiating for ice cream and trying to make a call at the same time. Didn’t work, but I’m still getting ice cream. KSL

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