Twenty two years ago this morning I was walking the half mile home from my parents house when Kimball called on my cell phone to tell me a plane had just hit one of the trade towers, not that I knew back then what or where that was. I hurried home and turned the TV on.

I was watching a reporter in the Pentagon when he said the whole building shook. Kathy Truitt told us she was in rush hour traffic when a hijacked air liner flew over her and hit the Pentagon.

On TV I saw the second airliner hit the second tower. I later learned that brave passengers on a 4th hijacked plane rushed the cockpit and the terrorists crashed it in a field instead of into the White House as they intended.

I saw an aide interrupt President W. Bush as he was addressing a Florida school class and whisper something to him about the attack. The President was soon on Air Force 1 with a fighter escort headed for Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana then on to one in Nebraska. Those were the only planes flying as everything else in the U.S. was grounded.

U.S. Intelligence soon figured that the mastermind was Osama Bin Laden. They finally found him hiding in Pakistan and a team of Navy Seals made a daring top secret raid and administered final justice – a bullet to the head.

I watched the Chiefs one point loss Thursday night. I disagree with the way it was reported. Reporters said Patrick Mahomes threw a Pick Six interception. He put the ball right in the hands of the receiver who let the ball glance off both his hands and into the hands of an opposing player. I think there should be a category for that instead of blaming it on the quarterback.

If Travis Kelce hadn’t injured his knee in practice, that might not have been the play that cost the Chiefs the game. KL