You likely already know that Maurice Fugate passed away last week at age 86. I think he was the first person outside of family to give me a helping hand. I think I was in the second grade when Maurice would hop off the school bus each morning and lift me onto the first step because I was too short to reach it on my own. That went on until my senior year.

Our condolences to his wife, Ardella, and the rest of his family.

The first year I rode a small bus that came from the west to pick me up. A woman drove it. The older girls on the bus liked to get me to say my name – Kenny Wayne Wong.

We’ll have the list from the Miller – Boultinghouse reunion in this paper because Cousin Donald Ray Boultinghouse called to remind us that we missed it. It’s always the third Sunday int September in the El Dorado Springs City Hall. It doesn’t seem like it’s been a year since Cousin Charles helped me get out of the car and onto my wheeler.

Boy, I’m glad I didn’t bully him when he was smaller than me. I didn’t pick on anybody.

Once inside, we met the daughter-in-law of Allen, the youngest of the five Boultinghouse brothers. She is a pretty girl with long black hair who told us she was expecting. Sorry we missed meeting the new arrival, but we enjoyed the Chiefs game.

Would somebody please remind us next year?

This week I watched a show about snakes vs. sharks. I didn’t figure the snakes had a chance. A guy got curious about why dead sharks were washing up on an Australian beach with no visible wounds. He decided the cause must be snakes. On another report I saw that of the 25 deadliest snakes in the world, 24 are in Australia.

They couldn’t find any water snakes so they were directed to an old woman who sat on a hill watching the sea. She directed them to a cove where a lot of sea animals go to give birth.

They thanked her and tried to say -”Goodbye,” but she wouldn’t let them. She said you only say that if you are burying someone.

They checked the cove and found the poisonous sea snakes. They discovered that the sharks were eating them. Their tiny fangs wouldn’t penetrate the sharks’ tough skin, but even decapitated they continued to bite inside the sharks’ tender mouth and digestive track injecting their deadly poison.

Solution: Don’t go to Australia. KL