I watched the Chiefs almost lose to the Jets last night – 23-20.

They asked Patrick Mahomes if he was aware that Taylor Swift was there to watch Travis Kelce play. He said it was in the back of his mind. She sat with Kelce’s mother in the glassed in box. The camera focused on her often.

The way that happened was Travis Kelce called her last week and told her he had gone to her show in Aarowhead and invited her to come watch him play.

I don’t have her phone number. Do you?

She was back last night. Kimball said they went to dinner and reserved every seat in the restaurant. Nobody standing over them for an hour like we had happen once until a waitress told him he had a phone call. Bless her.

I watch a TV show on 50-ton sperm whales.

They are gentle giants that live in groups called pods each with with its own unique language – a series of clicks at 270 decibels that would blow a human’s eardrums. One pod cannot talk to another pod. Their head is one third of their body length. They feed at 3,000 feet deep on giant squid. They showed one giant squid laying beside a man and it dwarfed him. They eat several a day.

If you annoy a sperm whale, it may poop on you.

The males mature at about 30 years old, the females a little earlier.

A calf stays with its mother for several years learning the language and how to hunt.

The momma has inverted teats. When a calf wants to nurse, it sticks its lower jaw in the depression and milk the consistency of yogurt is injected into its mouth.

Their only enemy is man. The whales get caught in discarded fishing line and nets and hit by boats.

Moby Dick was just a fictional character. They are not aggressive. KL