Tomorrow is the big day – 48 years ago tomorrow night we said, ”I do.” Time flies when you are having fun.

Kimball has the worst cold I’ve ever seen her with. And she has to put the paper together for you tonight. She put on a winter coat and went to work this morning. Be sure to bundle up the kids and yourself. It was 22 degrees here this morning with a sharp breeze.

Don’t look here for the guy’s name who killed 18 innocent people in Maine then himself. I saw a retired FBI guy on TV this morning who investigated these senseless crimes for 27 years. He said most end in suicide. Wish they’d start there.

After the Chief’s disaster, Kimball watched some documentaries. A guy who calls himself an expert on pyramids has decided the biggest pyramid in Egypt is filled with rubble because he can’t find any pit where they dug up the stones. No way of proving it. It was coated with polished white rock which thieves removed over the years.

Some scholar has decided Jesus had a wife. Baloney. His bride is the Church which he set up.

I watched some girls chase a young lady around the office trying to get her to accept the Lord. I’ve read my King James version of the Bible cover to cover. In fact, it needs a new cover. Not once does it say a person can or should accept the Lord.

When John the Baptist started his ministry, he said, “Repent for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” A short while later, Christ started his ministry and used the same words.

I sought the Lord one time (several nights in the altar and under it) until He accepted me. Hardest thing I ever did.