We have a few new things we’re going to add to the paper in the coming weeks. One, which starts this week, is a look back into our archives for a historical perspective on El Dorado Springs. We have every issue we produced since we bought the paper in July of 1979. Every issue, including those produced before we bought the Sun is on micro-film with the Missouri Historical Society Newspaper Library. Even the ones from before the turn of the last century. The El Dorado Springs branch of the Cedar County Library has some copies of the film.

In the future, remember to record your part of El Dorado Springs history in the Sun Newspaper. No researcher is going to go through everybody’s facebook page to get the history of our town.

I want to thank Ryan Hubbard at United Country for helping me with a land deal in Louisiana and El Dorado Springs R-II Superintendent for staying after the school board meeting on Wednesday and answering questions about the school’s new electric buses.

I also want to thank Mr. Rosie for telling me about his dog, Ivy. (Somebody dumped her at his place when she was just a puppy.) I want to thank MO Rep Dane Diehl for listening to me talk about electric buses and I want to thank Kathy Jo at the library for renewing my interest in headbands (and creatively destroyed sweaters). I want to thank local businesses and organizations for keeping on keeping on during this disastrous cold “snap.”

And I want to disagree wholeheartedly with the cute little redheaded woodpecker who decided to have breakfast right under my bedroom window at 7 a.m. Saturday morning. I guess he was keeping on keeping on, too.

I also disagree with having three Monday holidays in four weeks.

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