First of all I want to thank the person who found my phone and returned it to the office.

Secondly, Tillman, Shawn Abell’s faithful pitbull companion and good dog representative, has passed away.

The Sac Fest Spring Fling is coming to Caplinger Mills on  Saturday, April 27, for one day only. It will be back in September for three days. September 20 – 22.  Vender applications are being accepted for both events.  April is 50% off vendor booths. If you are interested, send an email to and the vendor coordinator will get an application sent t to you immediately.

The event will feature live music, food, crafts, etc. If you make something unique, get yourself a booth and sell it. There will be bouncy houses for the kids, family activities, a Beer tent for the adults and more! Sounds like fun.

Davis sent me a picture of yellow crocus that are growing in the yard across the street from him. My little yellow beauties, growing across the road next what is left of the tree that whacked my house, have been coming up for 30 plus years.

The ones on the south lawn are multi colored, bigger and bolder, but not near the harbinger of spring that the little yellow flowers are.

I guess you’ve heard that the El Dorado Christian School is the Division 3 MoKan State Champion in Boys Basketball.

I had a great conversation with their coach Brian Johnson. He is so very proud of his team. He told me that in the two years he has been coaching in Missouri he has 80% success rate.

Missouri Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (MAMIC) is offering several $1,000 scholarships for high school seniors and one $1,000 for currently college students. All scholarship applications must be filed out online by applicant,. The MSAIC scholarship application deadline is  March 15, 2024. For more information and to apply for the scholarship, varsity