I got a note from Elayne Hillsman a few days ago. She reminded me that she had taught Adrian and Davis how to chew gum. That was good thing, too.  I think Adrian got her first official haircut from Bobby and Debbie Barlow when they used their professional skills to clip a wad of gum out of Adrian’s hair.

Davis also got his first haircut from Bobby and Debbie without the same crises.

Adrian told me the other day that her earliest childhood memories were formed by what kind of treat people usually had in their pockets.

Last week granddaughter Reese tried to smuggle an office toy home with her. She almost made it out the front door when her dad, Davis, discovered it. Reese quickly explained that it was not a toy but a collection.

Not only is Spring coming but so is the first election of the year. We had our first political ad placed this week.

I plan to go to the Library on Thursday at 2 p.m. to see the bird photographs by Bob Estes. I’m really interested in the birds, but more interested in the fact that he spent years as an archeologist out west.

My brother and I liked dinosaurs and rocks. At the time, we could probably name every dinosaur that ever roomed the Earth. But it has been over 50 years since we ran around the back yard pretending to be dinosaurs. There have been so many discoveries of “new” dinosaurs that we would be completely lost. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if my brother, Ross, kept up with that.

We hope you enjoyed the eight part series about the upcoming eclipse. Starting in early March, watch for newspaper articles about how your area will celebrate the eclipse and help your school plan their activities.