March 20 is the International Day of Happiness.

Debbie Floyd with the Nine Wonders Optimist Club asked that we inform everyone – so slap a smile on your face and share it with everyone you meet – and you can smile and be happy on other days as well.

I know that Easter is only a little over a week away, but as far as I can tell, it’s time to dust off the Easter basket and get ready to participate in the multiple egg hunts that are already scheduled. There may be more.

We don’t have any St. Patrick’s Day festivities in this area that I know of. The Cruce’s weren’t Irish and I don’t think the Hightowers were either. All the wee folk and the rainbows with pots of gold at the end are somewhere else.

Spring will have already begun by the time you get your paper.

Davis and I still plan to have another commemorative t-shirt again this year for the Picnic. We’re working on a design. KSL