I thought I’d seen the neatest thing the other day in one of the weekly newspapers that I subscribe to. The idea was in a paper from Bossier City, LA. The graduating seniors went back to their elementary schools and walked through the halls and greeted the kids. I thought that was great and I called Jeremy Barger, elementary school principal. And he told me that that had been happening at El Dorado Springs for several years. I would like to see that for myself next year.

I learned something interesting about the human anatomy the other day. Five-year-old granddaughter, Reese, was sitting behind grandson Ben, (I’m guessing in the car) and Ben asked Reese several times to please not kick the back of his seat. After the third time, he learned the truth. She explained that she wasn’t kicking the back of his seat, her knees were dancing.

Louisiana grandson, Van, is going to his first sleep over camp this week. I don’t think it is affiliated with a church or any particulate group. It is just Camp. I hope he has a great time.For several years I went to a week long Baptist camp in Louisiana. I learned that I’m terrible at ping pong, some people cam play the piano with out using sheet music (I really thought she had memorized everything) and even though it is summer you can still get cold.

If you’re out and about this week end you might want to check out the Rock Lot Baseball Tournament out on E. US Hwy. 54 (next to State Farm) there are two games on Friday, June 7 – at 5 and 6:30 and games from 8 – 6:30 on Saturday.

And we were informed that Randa Bruce is the winner of the Clintonville Lodge give-a-way. More later.

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