Found it. Vi Clevenger’s directions, which she marked in red on a map of City Cemetery she gave me, were 100% accurate. But I still couldn’t find the gravestone.

So, I went back to City Hall just after Vi had left the office. Debbie Potter came to the counter to help me. She readily admitted she didn’t have a clue. I asked her for the name on the tombstone at the end of a row so I’d know I was in the right place. She said the directions Vi used weren’t set up that way, just a specific spot.

Debbie asked Bruce to let her into Vi’s office and found a map that they and John Burrus use. It was hard for Debbie to read and almost impossible for me. Finally, Debbie figured out the names on the tombstones to the north and south of the one I was looking for.

Armed with that information, I went straight back to the cemetery without my camera, sort of a scouting trip. Almost instantly, I found the upright tombstones to the north and south of the one I wanted. It was one of those low, almost flat stones, that faced away from the driveway.

I went back with my camera and a whisk broom out of my vehicle to remove the freshly mowed grass clippings. Mission accomplished. Only took me two trips to City Hall and five trips to City Cemetery.

You ready for this? I wasn’t. When I tried to call the number of the person who asked for the photo, it was disconnected. I tried directory assistance and got another number that was also disconnected. It was on the Kansas City, KS, side so I called directory assistance for KCMO. Nope, no Andy Gabel there either. The stone he wanted photographed is for Lester and Mabel Johnson. I’ve got the photos ready to email to somebody. No charge. Does anyone know a family member? I need an email address.

And you guys thought you were having fun looking for ElDo Rocks. I can tell you this. I heard that when Davis put on facebook that the Sun was going to hide five Sun Rocks good a for a Picnic armband and $10 for Picnic money, facebook lit up.

As I was mowing our back lot a little after noon Tuesday, a young lady walked by, went onto the Leeper Center backlot, then came back by me. I killed the mower and asked if she was looking for a rock. She was. She read me the clue Davis had put on facebook for the second rock and I had to tell her I don’t know how his mind works. After the school facilities meeting Monday night in the High School Library, a couple of the school staff asked me how many rocks Davis was going to hide. I told them what I knew – not much. One said she had driven by the spot where the first Sun rock was found and there was a crowd.

– Adrian is coming home for the Picnic. Her plane is scheduled to land in Branson Wednesday evening. Cain can’t get off work.

– Wednesday night we were telling a young lady about the Concord Church homecoming the second Sunday in August. I told her that the various families bring a dish for the dinner. I mentioned that Linda (Mrs. Everett) Smith usually brings wonderful meatballs. The young lady said, “I don’t eat meat.”

I asked, “Then how do you get protein?”

Without a pause, she replied, “I eat people who ask me that.” Now we know.

-See you at the Picnic. KL