After several months of waiting, the evening had finally arrived.  The El Dorado Christian School eighth grade class would receive that, “precious piece of paper” which officially announced them as the, 2020-2021 incoming freshmen class at ECHS. Excitement filled the room at the Church of God (Holiness), on August 20; their Principal, Mrs. Kelly Bryson, was giving last minute instructions, encouragement, and calming a few nerves.  In just a few minutes, seven of her students would be walking across the stage to receive their diplomas.  “Just one last thing,” stated Mrs. Bryson; and with that, the seven followed her outside, quietly, in a line, holding the door for one another.  “I would like a picture, and would like to pray for you.”  There, with the sun shining down on them, Principal Bryson stood among her eighth grade students, and prayed.  Music playing, the class entered and took their seats on stage.  Mrs. Bryson welcomed the crowd, and introduced Pastor Bill Whetstone, who gave the opening prayer.  Eighth grade biographies were read by Mrs. Bryson and Mrs. Cheryl Eslinger shared insight of the many talents that the students in this graduating class possess.  She continued, saying, “Do you know what HOPE is? I learned that Hope comes in many things; I know that Mr. Bryson had hope. He knew that our hope, YOUR hope, is in God.”  She told them to always have, “True Hope,” and that… “was God.”  In closing, Mrs. Eslinger lovingly expressed that she, “…was expecting great things” from each one; keeping, “God’s Hope” in their hearts.

El Dorado Christian School Board President, Mr. Randy Bland, presented each graduate with their diploma; Principal Kelly Bryson congratulated her students, giving them a flower, and moving their 2020 gold tassel from the right to the left, presenting them as graduates.

Guest Speaker, Mr. Jim Purtle, Youth Pastor at Church of God (Holiness), shared words of wisdom with the upcoming Freshmen Class.  He stated, “You do not have to wait to follow Jesus! Christ told his young disciples to, ‘follow me’”!  Mr. Purtle expressed the love that Jesus has for each of them; saying that, “Jesus wants you now; follow Him as you enter into high school,” not waiting, “until you are seniors, but now; knowing that you can minister, and share Christ’s love throughout your time at ECS.”  “…let Christ use you, His plan will not only shape you,” but also those who know, you follow Jesus.

In closing, Dr. Andy Wyant, shared a heartfelt prayer and Benediction, asking that, ”God, lead and protect each one of the ECS graduates.”    

Pictured is the 2020-21 ECS Freshman class; (l-r); Joey Dodson, Gregory Whetstone, Jude Wyant, Cannon Ash, Noah Bland, Breann Reasoner, Christian Steuck, and El Dorado Christian School Principal, Mrs. Kelly Bryson.  God bless you ECS graduates; have Hope, follow Jesus.