James King Valedictorian – Barbara L. Walsh, NHS, Clintonville Mason Lodge, Lillian Sunderwirth, Hazel L. Bolander, MSSU, State Elks.

Morgan Mitchell, Salutatorian – NHS, EHS Alumni Association, Lillian Sunderwirth, Community National Bank, Hazel L. Bolander, MSU, Tri-Lakes Eagles Aerie #4279, Project 288-Matt Chism, Regional Women’s Optimist Essay, $400 Dorothy Pope Memorial Nursing Scholarship. (This Scholarship was created to honor the legacy of Dorothy Pope who was a registered nurse and worked in this community for many years at both the Cedar County Memorial Hospital and the International Shoe Factory. This scholarship honors her memory by encouraging local students to pursue a career in nursing), $400 Shelley D White Briscoe Memorial Nursing Scholarship; (This Scholarship honors the late Shelley D White Briscoe who grew up in this community, graduated from El Dorado Springs High School, and achieved a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in nursing. This scholarship represents the loving memory of Shelley and is purposed to encourage and help students achieve their goals in nursing education).

Abby Larsen – Evan’s Drugs, Hazel L. Bolander, Optimist Club.

Devun Salazar – Evan’s Drugs, EHS Athletic Booster Club, Ottawa University.

Lunden Messick – OTC.

Daelen Ackley – Hazel L. Bolander, Notre Dame University.

Tevi Gurley – Five County Board of Realtors, EDS Ministerial Alliance, Larry Lauderback Memorial, Farm Bureau, Lillian Sunderwirth, MFA, Community National Bank, Drury University, Nellie Nichols Memorial.

Elliott Carpenter – NHS, Community National Bank, Ellis Foundation Scholarship, Optimist Club.

Natalie Redburn – Cottey College.

Kenli Rader – Band Boosters, NHS, CTA & MSTA, Crowder College, Ellis Foundation Scholarship.

Noah Marsh – Chamber of Commerce, Mid-Missouri Bank & Insurance, EHS Alumni Association, EDS Ministerial Alliance, Lillian Sunderwirth, Tri-Lakes Eagles Aerie #4279, UCM.

Reese Schaaf – Five County Board of Realtors, Community National Bank, Drury University, EHS Athletic Booster Club, Tri-Lakes Eagles Aerie #4279, Progress Club.

Lexy Neal – Lillian sunderwirth, Callee Henson Memorial, Community National Bank, Nellie Nichols Memorial, $3,000 Ellis and Jennie Barritt Educational Scholarship; (This scholarship was created by Jennie Barritt who enjoyed 34 years of teaching in local schools with hopes to encourage and help students pursuing teaching careers to achieve their educational goals beyond high school).

KayLynne McCullick – Ducks Unlimited, UCM.

Sydney Barger – MFA, Opera House.

Caitlyn Burchett – Fort Scott Community College, USG Continuing Education.

Harmony Randolph – Band Boosters, PSU.

Timmy Brumfield – Westminster College

Payton Green – Hazel L. Bolander, Ottawa University.

Gracie Swopes – Crowder College, Ellis Foundation Scholarship.

Blake Camahan – Band Boosters, Opera House, UCM.


Tim Margrave – MSSU.

Logan Speer – Community National Bank, Hazel L. Bolander, MSSU.

Madison Cheek – Larry Lauderback Memorial, Community National Bank.

Carolyn Huff – Choirbackers, Cottey College, Ellis Foundation Scholarship.

Libby Toliver – Band Boosters, Clintonville Mason Lodge, CTA & MSTA, Crowder College, Generation III, Lillian Sunderwirth, MECEU Credit Union, Shelter Insurance, Tanner Barger Memorial, Doc and Bonnie Bender Memorial scholarship is a three year scholarship totaling $2,250; (This scholarship was created by the Bender family to honor their parents, Doc and Bonnie, and represents their legacy of philanthropy, encouragement, and love for one’s home community by supporting an opportunity for local youth to achieve their goals of higher education), $900 Kay Clonts Anderson Scholarship; (Kay Clonts Anderson created this scholarship in honor of her family. She grew up in the El Dorado Springs area and graduated from high school here in 1965. She wants the Clonts family name to be remembered in this community).

Hailey Fast – Choirbackers.

Zach Waggoner – Community National Bank.

Tenessa Sanderson – City Pointe Beauty.

Kaden Hutsell – Lillian Sunderwirth.

Dillon Hargrove – MSU.

Kylie Hutsell – Generation III, Lillian Sunderwirth.

Keylie Steward – Clintonville Mason Lodge, Community National Bank, Hazel L. Bolander, PSU.

Not pictured

Trey Graves – 2021 Scholarships.

Brooke Ehlers – 2021 Scholarships.


Juliet Kama, Valedictorian – Donis Banks Memorial Scholarship $500; Cleo McKinley Memorial Scholarship $250; ECS Honor Society Scholarship $100; University of Kansas Excellence Scholarship $16,000 and Ministerial Association Scholarship $750, A+

Brenton LeeMasters, Salutatorian – Philippians 4:13 Scholarship in honor of Travis Bryson $500; ECS PTO Scholarship $100; University of Central Missouri Red and Black Scholarship $2,500 and CMU A+ Scholarship $500, A +.

Deonsay McNeill – Progress Club $500; Bluegrass Spirit Scholarship $2,500; William Parker Scholarship $2,500 and Ministerial Association Scholarship $750, A+.


Emma Bruce, Valedictorian – A+ Scholarship, Vernon County Cattlemen’s Scholarship, Cottey Athletic Scholarship, Cottey A+ Scholarship, VISIT Scholarship, Hartline Scholarship, Cottey Academic Scholarship, Crowder College, Brown Family Donation.

Kierstin Trueblood, Salutatorian – A+ Scholarship, Hartline Scholarship , CTA Scholarship , Crowder College, Schell City Alumni , Walker Alumni.

Garrett Culbertson – MWI Scholarship , Hartline Scholarship.

Jacob Allison – Vietnam Veteran’s of America Chapter 918 Memorial Scholarship, Brown Family Donation.

Shiloh Mitchem – Vernon County 4-H.

Quade Hays – A+ Scholarship, Hartline Scholarship , MFA Foundation Scholarship , 54 Cruisers Scholarship, Lillian Sunderwirth Scholarship , Schell City Alumni.