El Dorado Christian High School 2021 Commencement Ceremony. El Dorado Christian High School 2021 senior graduation was held on Friday evening, May 14, at the Church of God (Holiness) in El Dorado Springs.  ECS Principal, Mrs. Kelly Bryson, welcomed everyone and introduced Pastor Chad Daniel who gave the commencement invocation.  Senior biographies and scholarship recognition was presented by Principal Bryson and ECHS teacher, Mrs. Patty King.  Mrs. Bryson presented the class with several scholarships; however, closest to her heart is the The Philippians 4:13 Scholarship in Honor of her husband, Mr. Travis Bryson.  Mrs. Bryson encouraged each graduate; “You can do all things though Him, because God will give you the strength you need. Don’t just leave a legacy, LEAVE YOUR legacy.  Through tears, Mrs. Kelly Bryson presented The Philippians 4:13 Scholarship to their daughter, Isabelle Rose Bryson.  As Isabelle approached, Principal Bryson read the verse that Mr. Bryson shared, read and lived by, “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.” His daughter will absolutely follow in her Father’s footsteps; Miss Bryson will leave her own legacy, a legacy that will make her parents proud.  Scholarships presentations from Crowder College and Lillian Sunderwirth, were awarded to senior, Isabelle Bryson.  Senior Class Sponsor and ECS teacher, Mrs. Darla Daniel introduced the 2021 El Dorado Christian School Salutatorian, Mr. Tyler Kay.  (Tyler will be leaving for Basic Training in early June. Sincere prayers as he begins the next chapter of his life.)  Following Mr. Kay’s speech, seniors, Chad Murray and Jayden Walters sang “Yes, I Will” accompanied by Jayden who played guitar.  It was beautiful and uplifting to everyone in attendance.  Principal Bryson then introduced the 2021 El Dorado Christian School Valedictorian, Miss Lucia Rogers. (Miss Rogers will attend Missouri University of Science & Technology in Rolla, Missouri.  Prayers that Lucia is blessed as she begins college.) Miss Rogers introduced the 2021 Commencement speaker for the evening, ECS teacher and mentor, Mrs. Krystal Wyant.  Mrs. Wyant began with prayer and congratulating the class of 2021.  She then proceeded by saying, “This world is hard, it isn’t an easy place…I know that you have been told you can do anything, you can, but know there will be trials and hardship.  I’m not trying to be harsh…but what I am telling you is this, keep your eyes focused on God;…the world is like the ocean, the waves are warm, calm and comfortable, they let you relax and before you know it, you are drifting farther and farther away from the shore…don’t let the world do this with your personal walk with Christ.  Yes, enjoy the waves, but always keep your eye on the shoreline…Keep your faith strong and centered with the Holy Spirit…when the waves get rough, you should always know that God is with you, there to pull you up, rescue you and save you as He has promised.”  Mrs. Wyant’s speech was such an amazing reminder for not only the senior class, but all who were there.

Senior Abigail Reasoner thanked the community and everyone that graciously donated to their class during high school.  Because of hard work and many donations, the mission trip to Texas changed lives.  God showed the ECS seniors the many hardships that people endure.  Not only did they work, they donated their time, money, and shared the love of Christ with so many people.  How incredible!  Abigail continued by sharing the amazing things they were able to do and introduced the Mission Trip to Texas Slideshow.  Following this, Principal Bryson introduced the 2021 Student of the Year, Isabelle Bryson.  Isabelle congratulated her fellow classmates and wished them many blessings as each enters the next chapter; she also sincerely thanked the ECS faculty. Isabelle continued, by sharing a few words from one of her dad’s, (Mr. Travis Bryson) Commencement speeches, “Use every minute you have in your life, because life is short.  Help people, be good to people, live like God would want you to live.”  She used his example, “…just think of it like a watering can, if you fill up that can and carry it around, not watering anything, nothing will grow…or, if you walk down the sidewalk and dump the entire watering can in one spot, you waste everything in one pour…sprinkle the water, a little here, a little there, share God and God’s love with everyone, it only takes a little to go a long way…”  Some remembered Mr. Bryson’s speech, some didn’t…others thought of his girls, others his wife, and then some thought how he had shared a little of God’s love with them…whatever the thought, almost every person there had been “inspired by  Mr. Bryson’s watering can.”

The senior slideshow was enjoyed by families and friends, and carnations were presented.  El Dorado Christian School Board Chairman, Mr. Randy Bland, presented each graduate with their high school diploma; Principal, Mrs. Kelly Bryson showed her love one last time, bestowing each senior a flower and moving their 2021 gold tassel from the right of their cap to the left, presenting them as graduates.  Mr. Brandon Watkins, ECS Board Member closed with the Benediction.

And as the music played, the 2021 ECS Seniors danced their way down the aisle…each knowing in their heart that they will brave the oceans with God as their focus, share a little of Christ with everyone, and have the strength of the Spirit  to, “Leave a Legacy.” Godspeed 2021 Seniors, you’ve already made us proud!  Pictured; beginning in the back row; Jayden Walters, Abigail Reasoner, Tyler Kay, ECS Class of 2021 Salutatorian, and Chad Murray.  Front row; Isabelle Bryson, El Dorado Christian School Principal, Mrs. Kelly Bryson and Lucia Rogers, ECS class of 2021 Valedictorian.

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