Written By: Miss Madison Shipp

On Nov. 9, 2023, the El Dorado Springs Christian School had a Veteran’s Day assembly which was held in the gym for the whole school and faculty. Mrs. Wyant welcomed everyone, and then introduced senior Jude Wyant to open the assembly in prayer. Seniors Breann Reasoner, Cannon Ash and Joshua South then led the pledges.

After prayer and pledges, kids from the middle school read their Patriot’s Pen, this year’s topic being “How are you inspired by America.” Natalie Moss, a sixth grader, read her paper, and Jude Wyant was honored to read Megan Johnson’s paper. When they were finished, Mrs. Miles’ third and fourth grade classes sang the U.S. national anthem. It was such a blessing to all.

High school then read their Voice of Democracy – “What are the greatest attributes of our democracy.” Representing the lower classmen was Camren Reasoner; representing upperclassmen was Nellie Dresch. Since she was unable to be there, Dresch submitted an audio recording.

This year we were blessed with a Veteran’s Day slideshow, which had many people that have or are currently serving.

From Mrs. Simmons’ family – Charles Dean, George Hamrick and Dwayne Nichols. Richard Lee Wyant, and John Kama were recognized from the Wyant family. Mrs. Miles’ husband, Patrick Miles, was recognized. Mrs. Eslinger also had her husband, Lewis Eslinger, recognized. Mrs. Swank, as a proud mother of two sons, Joel Swank and Jonathan Swank, were recognized as well.

After the slide show, Mr. Miles ended our assembly with prayer. There were many people there to support our local Veterans that attended.

Thank you, Veterans, for your service and dedication to our country.