by Maria Jones, 9

On Friday, Sept. 24, our high school agricultural students put on Food for America. Ag students spent several weeks preparing for this event by planning small stations where elementary students could learn about where their food comes from and the importance of farming and agriculture in our world.

The elementary students look forward to this event every fall – and the Ag students also enjoy getting a chance to teach the next generation and get them excited about agriculture.

Each of the classes rotated around in stations. At each station was a student or two teaching about a different thing. The kids learned about cows, chickens, ATVs and more! At the end all the kids were able to go to a petting zoo where they could feed and pet livestock animals.

Olivia Graves, 9, brought two lambs to show and talk about at Food For America. Olivia said, “I loved seeing all the little kids smile when they got excited about the sheep.”

The students also had stations for preschool and headstart kids where they could spend more time with the farm animals and learning what farmers do, where beef and eggs come from, and the importance of shearing a sheep and how to do it correctly.

“The day was a success as students were able to see what agriculture is and grow in their knowledge of agriculture. Hopefully, each student walked away with more knowledge to take home and share with their families. The kids enjoy talking to all the elementary kids and sharing the information as they are preparing the next generation of agriculturalists,” said Ag Teacher Jay Martin.

Photo by Maria Jones, 9