The evening of April 7, 2022 began like a fairytale…El Dorado Christian High School student’s celebrated their Spring Banquet themed; “Once Upon A Time;” There was a beautiful venue, stunning dresses and gorgeous décor…and quietly, in the midst of it all, dressed in pale yellow and gold, ECS senior, Miss Juliet Iwalani Kama. Juliet was Disney’s Belle for the banquet; had been crowned a Queen the fall before, but for the upcoming graduating senior, Juliet was announced and awarded the ECHS 2022 Student of the Year.
The Student of the Year Award (chosen by ECS Faculty) is a prestigious award given to an outstanding senior who demonstrates true Christian beliefs, a deep solid faith, a Christ-Like Character, strong work ethic, academically focused, caring, sharp leadership skills and a respectful attitude to teachers, coaches, Administration, and fellow students. Just reading through the requirements, many of you who know Juliet will agree; she has achieved them all.
Juliet is a “Quiet Beauty.” Her smile and spirit lights up a room….She is strong and independent; hard-working and self driven; smart, loyal and extremely respectful… She is sincerely loving, supportive and true to herself. Jesus is Juliet’s guide; we know this because Juliet shares Christ through her thoughtfulness to those she works with, and to those at school.
The days at El Dorado Christian might be coming to a close for this stunning senior, nevertheless, she has a new and exciting chapter to begin at the University of Kansas, in Pre-Pharmacy; Juliet’s “Once Upon a Time” is just beginning! Sincere Congratulations Miss Kama; El Dorado Christian High School 2022 Student of the Year!
Juliet is the daughter of Dr. Andrew & Mrs. Krystal Wyant; siblings; Jude and Josie Wyant. Pictured; El Dorado Christian School Principal, Mrs. Kelly Bryson and 2022 ECHS Student of the Year, Miss Juliet Kama. Photo by Mrs. Karen Dodson.