by KayLynne McCullick

On Tuesday, May 7, the annual FFA Banquet was held in the High School Gym. The banquet started off at 6 pm with a welcoming speech from the 2018-2019 Chapter FFA President, Mackenzie Melton. After Mackenzie’s heartfelt speech, Cameron Hargrove, the 2018-2019 Chapter FFA Chaplin, gave the invocation for the meal. The meal was provided by Count on Us Catering, who truly proved you can ‘count on them’ when the fried chicken ran out. Within twenty minutes, the chicken was back and no one went without food.

After the meal, official FFA Opening Ceremonies were conducted. Then, President Mackenzie Melton recognized members of the board of education, administrators, high school teachers, FFA Alumni members and parents of FFA members. She also recognized Kelian Jaques for putting together the Year in Review slideshow. After that, Mackenzie called up Lydia Eason, Bradley McCullick, and Cheyenne Lame to present proficiency awards. The following kids were recognized in various pathways at the State Level:

Makenzie Melton – Agriculture Communications – First at State, going to Nationals this fall; Glen Van Bummel – Agricultural Processing – Second at State; Bradley McCullick – Agricultural Repair and Maintenance – State; Levi Smith – Diversified Livestock Production – State; Justin Ellison – Food Service – State; Ronny Huff – Poultry Production – State and Cameron Hargrove – Specialty Animal Production – State.

Several students were recognized on the local level. They are listed as following:

Avery Schiereck -Agricultural Communications; Kraysen Leonard – Agriculture Education; Logan Spencer – Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication; Nathen Adams – Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance Entrepreneurship; Jace Henderson – Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance Placement; Garrett Lievens – Agricultural Processing; Alexis Barnett – Agricultural Sales; Brady Leonard – Agricultural Sales Placement; Kaylee Griggs – Agricultural Services; Hannah Smith – Agriscience Animals; Joe Oehring – Beef Production Entrepreneurship; Jonathon Ellison – Beef Production Placement; Allyson Snodgrass – Diversified Agriculture Production; Morgan Baldwin – Diversified Livestock Production; Brady Mallicoat – Environmental Science; Trey Babcock – Equine Science Entrepreneurship; Abby Cheek – Food Service; Cameron Parrish – Forage Production; Orlando Guererro – Fruit Production; Cheyenne Lame – Goat Production;  Bryce Wosoba – Grain Production Placement; Trey Graves – Outdoor Recreation; Wraith Leyva – Poultry Production; Tevi Gurley – Sheep Production; Madison Hacker – Small Animal Production and Care; Drayven Roberts – Specialty Animal Production; Sydney Barger – Swine Production Entrepreneurship; Sawyer Williams – Turf Grass Management;  Dillon    Hargrove – Vegetable Production and Bradley Cartwright – Wildlife Management.

After Proficiency Awards were given, the kids who gained an FFA Degree this year were recognized. The following kids were awarded their Greenhand Degree:

Nathen Adams, Sydney Barger, Traven Buxton, Maddy Cheek, Hailey Decker, Grant Fischer, Payton Green, Dillon Hargrove, Cody LeAn, Christopher Luethe, Jaeden Marshall, KayLynne McCullick, Jaren Meisenheimer, Christopher Simpson, Jessie Smith, Logan Smith, Auston Smith, Andrea Snodgrass, Mason Page, Stephen Painter, Roger Partridge, Drayven Roberts, Susanna Rohlin, Elijah Ryan, Devun Salazar, Kylie Hutsell, Addison Ketterman, Jace Henderson, Carolyn Huff, Kaden Hutsell, David Nations, Breanna Stone, Joseph Stone, JR Turner, Joshua Worthington, Cody Weeks, Austin Weigel, James King, Matthew Lamb and Jimmy LaValle

The following kids were awarded their Chapter Degree:

Dalton Adams, Morgan Baldwin, Christin Brooks, Rayden Davis, Laine Dobbs, Lydia Eason, Tevis Edminston, Jonathon Ellison, Tannon Gibbs, Trey Graves, Orlando Guererro, Madison Hacker, Brady Malicoat, Kelian Jaques, Cody Jones, Lane Lasley, Brady Leonard, Kraysen Leonard, Wraith Leyva, Garrett Leivens, Ivan Lozano, Seth Minehardt, Daniel Minehardt, Braden Moser, Ambrosia Nations, Joseph Ohering, Cameron Parrish, Austin Robertson, Preston Robinson, Kadin Saderstrom, Avery Schiereck, Hannah Smith, Logan Spencer and David Templin.

The following kids were awarded their Area Degree:

Bradley McCullick, Glen Van Bummel, Cameron Hargrove, Taylor Robinson, Levi Smith, Justin Ellison, Ronny Huff and Bryce Wosoba.

The following kids were awarded their State Degree:

Bradley McCullick, Glen Van Bummel, Cameron Hargrove, Taylor Robinson, Levi Smith, Justin Ellison and Bryce Wosoba.

Maggi Medley received her American Degree, the highest degree awarded in the FFA at the National level, last October at National Convention. Maggi graduated from El Dorado Springs High School in 2017.

Next, Barnwarming Royalty was recognized. Keilan Jacques and Jace Cundiff were announced Barnwarming King and Queen back in November at the Chapter Barnwarming Dance. After that, Kaylee Griggs and Ambrosia Nations were recognized for being a part of the State Chorus.

Next, the Career Development Contest Teams were recognized. All CDE certificates were presented by Miranda Spangler. The following contest teams were recognized for making it to the State level:

Ag Sales – 17th/Silver Ranking – Bradley McCullick, Glen VanBummel, Cheyenne Lame, Hannah Haberle.

Meats – 13th/Gold Ranking – Avery Schiereck, Cameron Parrish, Levi Smith, Brady Mallicoat.

Entomology – 18th/Silver Ranking – Cody LeAn, Abigail Klaiber, Roger Partridge, Drayven Roberts.

The following contest teams competed at Districts:

Food Science – 11th – Alexis Barnett, Orlando Guererro,Taylor Robinson, Cameron Hargrove.

Dairy Foods – Chris Luethe, Keilan Jacques, Susanan Rohlin, Andrea Snodgrass, Jace Henderson.

Nursery Landscaping – 15th – Hannah Smith, Trey Graves, Morgan Baldwin, Wraith Leyva.

Livestock Judging – 16th – Nathen Adams, Auston Smith, Stephen Painter, Chris Simpson.

Floriculture – 18th – Allyson Snodgrass, Tevis Edmiston, Jace Cundiff, Kelsey Burley

Horse Judging – 24th – Kylie Hutsell, Kaden Hutsell, Tevi Gurley, Jaren Meisenheimer.

Then the students who worked on the Gold Chapter application were recognized as well as the students who worked on the Building Our American Communities Grant and the kids that worked on the community garden and park benches and tables. Kraysen Leonard and Avery Schiereck were recognized for their trip to the Missouri Agribusiness Academy which they will take this June.

Then Leadership Development Events were recognized. The following teams were recognized at the State level:

FFA Knowledge – 5th/Gold Ranking – James King, KayLynne McCullick, Maddy Cheek, Cody Weeks.

Division 2 Speaking – 5th/Gold Ranking – Kraysen Leonard.

Extemporaneous Speaking – Silver Ranking – Mackenzie Melton.

Creed Speaking – Silver Ranking – KayLynne McCullick.

The following teams were recognized at the District level:

Advanced Speaking – Honorable Mention – Avery Schiereck

Conduct of Chapter Meetings – Honorable Mention – Carolyn Huff, Cody LeAn, Cody Weeks, Nathen Adams, Sydney Barger, Dillon Hargrove, Breanna Stone.

The following kids were recognized at the Area level:

Division 2 Speaking – Honorable Mention – Lydia Eason.

Secretary’s Book – 2nd – Kraysen Leonard.

Scrapbook – 2nd – Avery Schiereck.

Scholarship awards were then given. James King, Morgan Baldwin, David Templin, and Taylor Robinson were given Scholarship Awards. Leadership awards were given after that. Nathen Adams, Jace Henderson, Rayden Davis, Brady Mallicoat, Hannah Haberle, Alexis Barnett, Levi Smith, and Bradley McCullick were presented with this award. Then Mackenzie Melton was recognized for being the 2018-2019 Area 9 Secretary, as well as Avery Schiereck for being the 2019-2020 Area 9 President and Cheyenne Lame for being the 2019-2020 Area 9 Treasurer.

Next the Honorary Chapter Degrees were presented to the following people and businesses:

Mike and Chastity McCullick, Richard and Glenda VanBummel, Scott and Tammy Melton, Scott and Michelle Robinson, Robert and Dana Smith, Jimmy and Amanda Hargrove and Cedar Creek Beef Jerky

Then the following kids were awarded with Star Awards:

Star Top Shop – Trey Babcock; Star Greenhand – James King; Star in Placement Agriculture – Bryce Wosoba; Star Farmer – Cameron Hargrove; Star in Agribusiness – Glen VanBummel.

Next the Blue and Gold Awards were presented to the top 25 kids on the point chart. Various FFA activities can earn you various points and getting to the top is something everyone fights over. Congrats to all those that earned this award.

Next was Senior Recognition, which brought forth some tears. Mikayla Loane and Kaylee Griggs put the Senior Slideshow together. Next the FFA Scholarships were awarded. Congrats to the seniors who got them!

One of the last things before the banquet ended was the Installation of the 2019-2020 Chapter Officers, which brought even more tears. The retiring officers are as follows:

President – Mackenzie Melton; Vice Presidents – Taylor Robinson and Bradley McCullick; Secretary – Kraysen Leonard; Treasurer – Lydia Eason; Reporter – Levi Smith; Sentinel – Glen VanBummel; Historian – Avery Schiereck; Chaplin – Cameron Hargrove and Parliamentarian – Cheyenne Lame.

The new officers are as follows:

President – Avery Schiereck, Vice Presidents – Kraysen Leonard and Cheyenne Lame, Secretary – Allyson Snodgrass, Treasurer – Brady Leonard, Reporter – KayLynne McCullick, Sentinel – Trey Graves, Historian – Hannah Smith, Chaplin – Abigail Kliaber and Parliamentarian – Carolyn Huff.

With that, Closing Ceremonies began. However, there was an unplanned and unexpected surprise from the seniors. Having been the first class to be with Mr. Martin and Mrs. Chapman all four years, they are often referred to as the Ag teachers’ baby class. So, with that being said, the seniors gave Mr. Martin and Mrs. Chapman a parting gift, as well as some heartfelt words of love.

Farewell Ag seniors, you will always be their ‘baby’ class. Congratulations to all the kids and teams recognized for their various awards and accomplishments. You earned it.