The 19th annual Missouri Homeschool State Track finals were held at the El Dorado Springs, on Saturday, April 24, 2021.  The morning started out with rain and thunderstorms, delaying the start for approximately an hour; after keeping warm and dry in tents and under canopies, over 550 athletes began their day on the track.  ECS Coaches, Mrs. Becky LeeMasters and Mrs. Jill Ash were extremely busy, over 20 athletes in track and field events and five different age divisions. The day was long, but fun, ending at 10 p.m. that night.

As stated, athletes were divided into boys and girls; 8 and under, 10 and under, 12 and under, 14 and under, and 15 -18.  Listed; top 12 places per athlete; pictured in the front row, l-r; Sophia Bryson, 3rd 100m hurdles, 5th in triple jump, 11th in 100m and 11th in 200m; Lucia Rogers, 4th 100m, 6th triple jump, and 11th in long jump; Shay Linsenmayer, 3rd in long jump, 4th 800m, 5th 4 x 200m relay, and 6th 200m; Alayna Gingerich, 4th discus, 5th in 4 x 200m relay, and 5th in shot put; Aleta Lyness, 3rd long jump, 5th in triple jump, 5th in 4 x 200m relay, and 11th in 200m; and Mali Rosbrugh, 2nd in 800m, 2nd in 1600m, 5th in 4 x 200m relay, and 11th in long jump.  Second row; Breann Reasoner, Christian Steuck, 1stin 400m, 1st in 300m hurdles, 1st in javelin, and 3rd in shot put; Jodie Yates, Daisha McNeill, Olivia Bryson, 4th in 800m, 4th in 1600m, 4th in high jump, and 5th in triple jump, Deonsay McNeill, and Juliet Kama, 5th in 100m hurdles, 7th triple jump, and 11th in 200m.  Third row; ECS track coach, Mrs. Jill Ash, Hunter Malensek, 3rd in 4 x 400m relay and 5th in triple jump, Joey Dodson, 11th in 800m, and 12th in long jump, Tyler Kay, 7th in 4 x 100m relay and 12th in 800m, Chad Murray, 3rd in 4 x 400m relay, 7th in 4 x 100m relay, 10th 200m, and 12th long jump, Jude Wyant, 2nd in 300m hurdles, 2nd in high jump, and 3rd in 4 x 400m relay, Gregory Whetstone, 7th in 4 x 400m relay, and ECS track coach and Athletic Director, Mrs. Becky LeeMasters.  Top row; ECS track manager, Noah Bland; Koal Caldwell, Camren Reasoner, Kane Caldwell, Cannon Ash, 7th in javelin, 7th 4 x 200m relay, and 12th in discus; and Brenton LeeMasters, 3rd in 4 x 400 m relay, 7th in 1600m, 8th in 800m, and 9th in javelin.  Not pictured, Jacob Tapp, 6th in long jump, 6th in triple jump, 8th in 800m, and 8th in 1600m.  Athletes with no results listed were unable to attend the meet, and were sorely missed.  Photo is by Kramer Photos.

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