by Jazmyn Daniels, 12

This year we are very excited for the upcoming baseball season. Larry Hoover and Robbie Mossman will be coaching.

Our team consists of Connor Bradley, number 2, playing catcher. Haden Keith, number 21, playing in the outfield. Cooper Berton, number 8, playing 2nd base. Hunter Frame, number 1, playing third base. Marcus Mossman, number 4, playing 1st base. Juris Leroux, number 9, playing 2nd base. Kandyn Ewert, number 11, playing shortstop. Karson Burley, number 23, as the pitcher. Dylan Whitesell, number 15, as the pitcher. Sean Berry, number 6, playing 2nd base. Grady Wolfe, number 19, playing in the outfield. Caysen Stephens, number 35, playing first. Brett Alexander, number 10, playing middle infield.

The team does not have a manager quite yet.

Dylan Whitesell says, “I think we have a chance to improve a lot and show we are a team people need to worry about.” The boys have started practicing and are looking great so far.

Juris Leroux says, “I think we have a strong group of players who know what they are doing, especially in the infield, but we will have to work on our ability to work together and communicate.”

Their first game is on March 15th in Dadeville. Get ready to witness our team’s journey to success, the excitement begins now, so stay tuned.