For the first time, at least in recent memory, Bulldog Head Football Coach Derek Scroggins scheduled a midnight scrimmage instead of the usual Red/Black Scrimmage just to create interest and do something different.

Maybe 100 Bulldog supporters showed up for the 55 minute event and so did the pleasant temperatures which the players and fans appreciated.

On Tuesday, the Sun caught up with Coach Scroggins to discuss what he saw in the scrimmage.

Q. How did the scrimmage go from your point of view?

I thought it went really well. The kids played real aggressive and did a  good job.

Q. Who quarterbacked for red?

Red was Trey Babcock.

Q. How did he do?

I thought he did pretty well.

Q. Some little scat back, I think on red, went around the right end and all the way for a touchdown.

We had Dayton Austin who scored one touchdown. And we had Degan Brake score the other one.

Q. You only passed once. Was that red that passed?

No, that was white.

Q. Who quarterbacked white?

Riley Boyd.

Q. How’d he do?

He played really well. Did a good job on carrying out his fakes and ran the offense effectively.

Q. How did the lines work out?

Out guys who are going to be starting played real well. A couple of mistakes, a couple of things we need to sharpen up. But all-in-all,  I was impressed with our boys up front.

Q. What did you think of the turnout?

I thought it was really good for having a midnight scrimmage, the amount of people who showed up. I was really impressed with that. It’s nice to see the support that the program has. From a numbers perspective I thought we had about the same amount of fans that we did the last time we had a daytime Red and Black scrimmage.

Q. That took care of the heat.

No kidding. It was gorgeous out.

Q. You said, ‘This week,’ are you going to have another scrimmage?

No, just practice.

Q. When do you practice?

6 to 9 p.m. It gets them ready for the time of day we have to play but helps us stay out of the hottest part of the day.

Q. What other observations do you have about the scrimmage?

I thought we played with a lot of aggression. I was impressed with Ethan Dubois and Dayton Austin at middle linebacker spots. They did a really good job of attacking the football and punishing the ball carriers when they got there.

I was impressed with our running backs. We’ve got four guys rotating in right now at running back. Dayton Austin was the only returning starter. The other guys all picked up the slack pretty well. We moved Ethan Dubois from offensive line to running back. He ran the ball real hard and did a lot of good things for his offense.

Shane Trowbridge is new to football. He looked pretty good. Had a couple of nice runs.

Trenton Hardie did a really good job making some stuff happen.

Between those four kids, they did a lot of good things, and I think they will be serious weapons for us on offense.

I thought our offensive linemen that we are going to be relying on did a really good job.  We had Nate Marsh as the center. Wyatt Graves, who moved from fullback to guard looked outstanding at Guard. Blake Holder looked very good at our other guard. Dagan McIntire and Jamie Isaacs both had good games at Tackle. Shelby McKinney and Kelian Jaques did a great job as our Tight Ends. Defensively, Marsh and McKinney were disruptive as defensive tackles while Jaques made some plays from defensive end. Colton Collins and Jake Schieffer looked solid at defensive back, while Riley Boyd held down the fort at our safety spot. Tanner Witt and Trey Babcock rounded out the rest of the defensive as outside linebackers. We played a lot more physical tonight than we did last year at this time and I think our boys are doing a good job getting ready for Stockton.

Under the watchful eyes 3 cc

UNDER WATCHFUL EYES – Riley Boyd, quarterback of the white team and the probable starter in the Stockton game in the Cedar Bowl in two weeks, is the ball carrier being pursued by Blake Holder during the midnight scrimmage Saturday morning. The coaches analyzed every play and every players.

white on offense 4 cc

WHITE ON OFFENSE – Trenton Hardie, the white ball carrier, is about to be caught by the posse in the Bulldogs’ midnight scrimmage last Friday. A good crowd and the players enjoyed favorable football weather for the nearly hour long event that let the crowd see the players warm up, then play several  downs on each side of the ball, always heading north on offense.

red on offense 2 cc

RED ON OFFENSE – Colton Collins runs into opposition from a white player, possibly Dylan Gallette, during the midnight scrimmage.

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