Wednesday, Sept. 6, the Girls Golf team competed at the Buffalo Lady Bison Golf Invitational. We took our five first year golfers and they came home with a plaque finishing in 4th place. Gabby Boch and Sage McCullough medal finishing in the top 15.

They competed on Thursday in Butler in match play. I do not have the results from that event.

On Thursday, Aug. 31, the team competed in a quad event in Nevada. They won the overall event with a team score of 203. Lanie Wolf won the event with a score of 47, Sage McCullough took second with a score of 49, and Skylyn Gibbs took 6th overall with a score of 54. Tilar Witt finished 10th with a 56, Braylie Steward 12th with a 58, and Kyndal Swopes scored a 68.

They compete today in Versailles and Wednesday in Stockton.

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