Goodman’s survive storm, lost trees

Posted June 20, 2013 at 10:16 am

by Neoma Foreman

Walker 4-H club tour is scheduled for Sunday, June 23. They scheduled the annual Enrollment Night for Friday, Aug. 23, at 6 p.m. All interested families are invited to attend and learn about opportunities in 4-H.

Saturday night, Rich and Marty Patton and three other WHS classmates had dinner with Bob and Valerie Goodman in Kearney and they got hit by a really strong storm. The wind not only did damage to the Goodman’s house; but they lost at least two large trees. Rich and Marty spent the night in Kearney then stopped to do some shopping, stopped in Overland Park to visit Dexter Patton and then on to see Tony, Ashley and Jessa Patton in Olathe and we had dinner at their house before heading on home.

Father’s Day guests at the home of Bob and Laura Clinton were Jodee Fanning, Tracy and Jaycee Washburn and Bob Lee and Lavina Clinton.

Spending Father’s Day at the home of Bob and Jane Hutchison were Bobby, Karen, Corey and Grant Hutchison of Walnut Grove, Ryan Wallace, Springfield, Kent Hutchison and Matt and Shelley Von Sande and Wesley of Camdenton and Debbie and Denny Wallace and Chas Morgan of Nevada.

Corey Graham participated in the Children’s Lighthouse Theater production at El Dorado Springs this week. Christine Graham, Bob and Phyllis Garrison, Chet and Marla Foreman, Regan Kannady, Wendy and Garrett Conley, Coltin Wilson and Charles and I attended the show. The kids and leaders did a great job.

Paul and Alayna Bracey and grandson, Aiden Moore, Charlotte, NC, are spending a few days with her parents, Harold and Kathryn Phillips.

The community is saddened at the sudden death of Kathleen Berry. She lived in the Walker area and she and husband, Joe, raised their family here. After Joe’s death, she moved to Nevada. She was a long-time member of the Coal Creek Helping Hand Club and attended it Wednesday at the home of Marjorie Glynn.

Alberta Hays and Andy and Tammy Hays; Payton and Haley took Glen Hays to Chicken Mary’s near Pittsburg for Father’s Day.

Jered and Crystal Burch, Kate and Cole were supper guests of Jerry and Jenise Burch Saturday evening for an early Father’s Day.

Susan and Phil Thompson; Debbie Jensen and Kathy Newman took their dad, Ernest Nikodim, out to eat Sunday for Father’s Day.

Saturday evening Kayla and Cody Loyd hosted a 10th birthday party for Jared Witter at their home in El Dorado Springs. Those attending were Mike and Kathy Newman, Susan and Phil Thompson, Debbie Jensen, David and Kerri Loyd, John and Eva Loyd, Ernest Nikodim, Wendell and Carol Teagarden and Lauren Monte.

Crystal and Cole Burch attended church camp with a group from the Walker Christian Church at Maranatha from Thursday until Saturday. Crystal and Kate Burch left Sunday for a week at the camp with Kate’s age level.

Father’s Day guests at Charles and my home were Vonnie Main, Chet and Marla Foreman, Regan Kannady, Christine and Corey Graham, David and Betsy Foreman, Brooklyn and Carter, David Souza, Wendy and Brandon Conley and Garrett, Coltin Wilson and Katie and Brice Budd.

Rozella Gammon visited Bob and Jane Hutchison Saturday.

We had quite a storm in the Walker area Saturday evening with about five inches of rain, and some wind and hail. There are several trees down and limbs scattered. I was sort of wishing I’d paid more attention to the dimensions for Noah’s Ark!

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