LOL Youth Fair royalty candidates interviewed

Posted July 4, 2013 at 12:00 pm

On Monday, July 1, the Land O Lakes Youth Fair committee interviewed royalty candidates for the July 9-12 Youth Fair. The coronation of the Youth Fair queen, the Youth Fair princess and the Youth Fair junior princess is scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 9, the day the fair opens.

The royalty candidates are:

Queen Candidates

Taylor Floyd queen candidate 1 cc.tif

Taylor Floyd – Union Hall 4-H

Lindsay Nicole Daniel queen candidate 1 cc.tif

Lindsay Nicole Daniel – Buffalo Chargers 4-H

Makenzie Schwalm queen candidate 1 cc.tif

Makenzie Schwalm – El Dorado Springs FFA

Princess Candidates

Rachel Merrick princess canbdidate 1 cc.tif

Rachel Merrick – Stockton Seekers 4-H

Meghan Simmons princess candidate 1 cc.tif

Meghan Simmons – Crafts-N-Critters 4-H

Sarah King Youthg Fair princess candidate 1 cc.tif

Sarah King – Buffalo Chargers 4-H

Junior Princess Candidates

Kraysen Annslee Leonard junior princess candidate 1 cc.tif

Kraysen Annslee Leonard – Buffalo Chargers 4-H

Kaylee Foster junor princess candidate 1 cc.tif

Kaylee Foster – Crafts-N-Critters 4-H

Bailey Shouse junior princess candidate 1 cc.tif

Bailey Shouse – Osage River 4-H

Kaylee Willene Lower junior princess candidate 1 cc.tif

Kaylee Willene Lower – Union Hall 4-H