Sac Osage Electric has received a consumer complaint over the way it calculates credits and charges of customers who have installed solar panels to generate electricity.

Thomas Elliston, Carl Junction, filed an official complaint with the Missouri Attorney General  saying “we, the consumer, have a solar power and written ‘net metering’ agreement with Sac Osage.” It continues, “Sac Osage violates stated Missouri Public Policy, Missouri law, and our agreement with them and their own by-laws to unlawfully take money from us and to unlawfully handle ‘credits’ that the law require we supply Sac Osage.”

The complaint asks that the AG, “require Sac Osage to comply with Missouri law in accordance with public policy, their by-laws and their agreement. Refund in cash, not credit.”

Elliston reported he attempted to talk with Sac Osage and resolve the matter.