Monkey gets into everything

Posted October 24, 2013 at 11:14 am

by Dora Jean McKinley

During the week of Oct. 14, John Olson form Horton came to visit with Tex and Dora Jean McKinley. We always catch up on he latest happenings going on when he comes.

Ashley Arwood, Jim and Peggy Entrikin’s daughter, had her 3rd knee surgery on Wednesday, Oct. 2.

Ashley said this one wasn’t nearly as painful as the last two as this one was, laparoscopic. She and husband, Tyler, are both students at Pitt. State. He little brother, Alec Enctikin, will be 21 on Oct. 8. Happy birthday Alec.

The oak trees in Nevada are loaded with acorns. Bet the squirrels and happy.

Edith DeTienne fell while she was taking a shower; thankfully she wasn’t hurt.

Her right arm is numb from her hand up to her shoulder. It is caused by a pinched nerve in her back. It’s hard for her to write and it keeps her from resting at night.

Stranger, Craig Sumner stopped by last week to see Tex; catching up on everything was fun.

The week of Oct. 21, Tex McKinley and Dora Jean have one kitten, Monkey, that won’t come in the house to have a special kitty treat (like party mix.) She has only been inside the front door (about 10 inches) two time and right back out. She has taken over.

She has taken over Tex’s shed. The other cats will come into the shed but leave after a while to much noise. She likes most noise but not strangers and everyone is a stranger, but Tex and I. I go out every day to make sure she eats. Some day she will not be afraid of people. Monkey isn’t afraid of noises from the shed, but people she is afraid of (strange).

She got the name of Monkey because of her long skinny legs and all the things she has got into like a pan of used oil. She walked right into the pan. She had oil halfway up on all legs. Scaring her, she stopped right there and didn’t move. I cleaned her legs off and she was ready to go again. That was just one of many things that happened to her. So, Monkey is her name.

Doug Wingate, Tex McKinley and Dora Jean all went to Nevada Friday. We did a little bit of shopping.