Kander releases 2014 policy agenda, announces bill sponsors

Posted January 23, 2014 at 11:53 am

Secretary of State Jason Kander today unveiled a set of legislative proposals aimed at restoring public trust, protecting Missourians, growing Missouri business and keeping elections secure, open and accurate. The 2014 priorities include the sweeping ethics legislation Kander announced Tuesday as well as several other bills sponsored by Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate.

“These proposals are commonsense solutions that will help Missourians in their daily lives—everything from protecting their hard-earned savings to increasing access to the voting booth,” Kander said. “I look forward to working with folks on both sides of the aisle to put these much-needed reforms on the governor’s desk.”

Legislation has already been filed for all of Kander’s initiatives, with Democrats sponsoring nine bills and Republicans sponsoring five. Republicans are sponsoring four of Kander’s six proposals relating to elections. The proposals include:

Restoring public trust

·Reform ethics, campaign finance and lobbying laws (HB 1340 – Rep. McManus)

·Strengthen political disclosure laws (HB 1440 – Rep. Dunn)

·Require ethics and public disclosure education for state officials (HB 1378 – Rep. Carpenter)

Protecting missourians

·Safeguard Missouri investors (HB1480 – Rep. Webber)

·Strengthen domestic violence laws (SB 710 – Sen. Walsh)

·Stand up for law enforcement (SB 724 – Sen. Parson, HB 1412 – Rep. Phillips)

Growing Missouri business

·Promote entrepreneurship opportunities for veterans (HB 1386 – Rep. Roorda)

·Reduce and stabilize business fees (HB 1437 – Rep. Schupp)

Keeping elections secure, open and accurate

·Implement Early Voting Commission recommendations (HB 1449 – Rep. Neth)

·Preserve the integrity of our elections (SB 728 – Sen. Sifton)

·Level the playing field for members of our military running for office (SB 630 – Sen. Wallingford, HB 1125 – Rep. Dugger)

·Ensure ballot access for emergency disaster workers (SB 708 – Sen. Sifton, HB 1414 – Rep. Entlicher)

·Expand voter registration for returning members of our military (SB 631 – Sen. Wallingford, HB 1415 – Rep. Entlicher)

·Make voting more secure for Safe at Home participants (HB 1255 – Rep. Newman)

Kander also voiced support for passing the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act and taking advantage of federal dollars to create jobs and expand Medicaid.

The 2014 policy agenda builds on Kander’s many accomplishments in his first year in office, including establishing the Elections Integrity Unit, creating The Missouri Channel, offering a new online tool that makes registering to vote more secure and convenient, and cutting office expenses by $300,000.

To view Kander’s 2014 policy agenda in its entirety, visit www.sos.mo.gov/2014PolicyAgenda.pdf.