Kelsey (Penn) Smith, RN, soon to be BSN – is now a married lady to husband Zack!! After she completes her Bachelor’s – she plans to pursue her Masters starting in the Fall of 2023. Here are some fun facts about her –
Favorite color – Green
Favorite food – Steak and potatoes
Favorite dessert – Cheesecake
Favorite candy – Heath Bar
Favorite TV show – Gilmore Girls
Favorite movie – The Lost Boys
Favorite book – “I love to read – I can’t pick one”
Favorite song – “Little Things” by Bush
Favorite drink – Sweet tea
Favorite holiday – Thanksgiving
Favorite flower – Dark red Dahlia
Pet peeve – People chewing with their mouth open
Favorite vacay destination – “I’m a down by the river kind of girl”
Sunrise or sunset – “Sunset – I’m not a morning person”
Favorite cartoon character – Kim Possible
Best dish that you can cook – Lasagna with homemade bread
Favorite animal – “My lab – River”
Dream Car – 2022 Tahoe – Black
How fast have YOU ever driven a car – 90 – Maybe
Go to saying – “Okay, love ya babe!”
And then – tell something about yourself that most might not know – her reply – “I’ll be a Nurse Practitioner before too long!”