Welcome to El Dorado Springs

– you are exactly where you need to be and we miss you when you are gone.

Every 365 days we get another chance

There has been (as there always is) a wee bit of discussion about El Dorado Springs and why it is not bigger, better, brighter, stronger, smarter and who is to blame for all of that. This attitude is actually in the normal flow of things, especially after covid lock- downs and the senselessness of what we see outside of our own realm of influence.

I did a little research about where El Dorado Springs might be going. Despite the remarks, (and there are always people who choose to see the negative), our city, I believe has a bright future. (1) Our ancient swimming pool has the possibility of a future with a vote this spring that would provide tax money to held refurbish it. The citizens need show that they are willing to take that step, before the city can apply for grant money. (2) Recently the city sold the mental health facility to Compass, giving them ownership and helping them establish deep roots in our community. It also alleviates the city’s responsibility for upkeep of the buildings and grounds.

(3) The city continues to demolish derelict homes – 8 -10 this past year (and yes, some of them did burn.) (4) The city has installed several 100 feet of water main. (5) A Driving Range has been added to the golf course. (6) There have been several new businesses added and some that have moved into store fronts. Moore Daddy’s; Hutchison Ins Agency; Bright Hope massage; Martin the Bearded Barber moved into his own building. Dollar General moved into a new building; The In and Outlet took over the old Dollar General building; Meeks built a new building. Parker Leigh Catering moved into the Bear Arms building and Bear Arms moved into the Old Rusty Jug building. R&R moved into a building within the city and Tommy’s Auto Repair moved into a property on 54 Hwy. Dollar Tree and Family Dollar share a space on Hwy 54 E. I know I’ve missed some. My apologies. Please let me know.

This is a new year, another opportunity to move our community forward. If you like the direction we are going (though to some it might seem awfully slow) get involved. If you don’t, get involved.

I wish I’d thought of interviewing several people that are new to this area – some that have lived here for a few years and other who have just arrived in the past few months. They are exactly where they need to be as are people who have lived here for years.

We all add to the culture of our community, the prosperity and in some cases, the lack of it. Every citizen is part of the culture that make us who we are. We are connected whether we like it or not.

By no means am I suggesting that we should all think alike, have the same aspirations and goals or even like each other but we are all connected and make up the body of El Dorado Springs. We are small enough to be a single entity unlike much bigger places that have their groups that have carved out their niche and define their borders. We are connected.

It is one reason that El Dorado Springs is still here. There is no denying that having Hwy 54 is one reason El Dorado Springs has prospered and even State Hwy 82, also known as Main Street, has been a valuable conduit for people coming and going, but it is the people here that make a town.

I want to paint a greeting on my north wall: Welcome to El Dorado Springs – you are exactly where you need to be and we miss you when you are gone.

Kimball S. Long