GRANT FOR UPGRADES – Ewell Lawson (right), vice president for member services for Missouri Public Utility Alliance, presented a for $17,874check to the city on Monday, Jan 6. The grant money is being used toward the cost of  improvements to the electric distribution system, including the replacement of system capacitors and controls, equipment that will help the city’s system run more efficiently. The grant program assists MoPep (Missouri Public Energy Pool) municipal utilities to invest in long term capital assets of the local electrical systems to improve reliability and efficiency of electric infrastructure for system supplied through MoPEP.

  City Manager Bruce Rogers (left) and Mayor Cory Gayman received the check.

  Lawson also mentioned that the Missouri Public Service Commission unanimously approved the Grain Belt Clean Line LLC (GBX) project which would benefit El Dorado Springs with more than $201,000 in annual savings. He said that legislation has been filed to stop the project which would stop Missourians from across the state from seeing lower-cost utility payments. The project would benefit 39 municipalities in Missouri including El Dorado Springs.