The Cedar County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees held their first afternoon board meeting at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 15.

All board members were present with Davis Bozarth arriving at 5:05 p.m.

President Michelle LeRoux opened the meeting and had a vote to approve the agenda.

Kimball Long from the El Dorado Springs Sun newspaper received permission to ask a question. She said she had been talking with her son about the hospital board’s problem with finding a time that every board member could attend. She said her son had suggested that Le Roux use her planning time at Northeast Vernon County to attend the meeting. That way she could attend and so could Bozarth, whose work schedule conflicts with the new time. LeRoux said that she had to stop the question because it wasn’t on the agenda. After the meeting she told Long that her planning period was only 47 minutes long.

The board continued to discuss policies and staffing shortages.

When Bozarth arrived at the meeting, he was upset to learn that the information blocking policy that he had requested not be discussed until he arrived had already been discussed. It appeared that the board discussed it out of order from where it appeared on the agenda.

He proceeded to tell the board the problems with the hospital were management issues. And that he knew nurses that had told him that they would come back at the rate they had when they left, if management would change.

The board went into executive session.