The El Dorado Springs City Council vote to hire the band Members Only for the Main Event on  Saturday of the Picnic. City Manager Bruce Rogers said the city had received a lot of positive feedback about the group. This will be the third time Members Only has played at the Picnic. The group charges $3,100 to perform.

  During the Public Forum Glenda Baker mentioned that during the Museum’s Historical Hysteria Day there was water running down the street on the north side of Spring. She said that vendors had to set up in the water. She said she wanted to know if the cause had been found. Rogers said he had mentioned it to the Utilities Director.

  Rogers mentioned the February Basketball Classic was held last weekend at the Civic Center. He said that total income was $8,753.16 with total expenses at $3,308. The net profit was $5,445.16.

  Rogers said that at the second meeting in March the council would need to appoint a replacement for former councilman Brett Entrikin who has moved out of the city. There is about a year left on his term: and discuss a permit for a daycare facility on Hwy 54.

  Rogers said that the Driving Range is coming along. He said that it depends on how the weather cooperates as to how much progress they make this year.

Present at the meeting were councilmen Jim Luster, Mayor Nathan Murrell and Councilman Cory Gayman. Councilman Nick Bland was absent. Also present were Rogers and City Clerk Kandi Baldwin.